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Information, be aware!

Today, my son, 12 years old, started to talk about sexual education at the elementary school. Of course it was very lovely to see a little boy talk about having respect for girls and the love you need to have. I think it’s great and very important they have sexual education in that age.

Later on in the evening, we had 2 internet issues:
1) A neighbor came by because her daughter had a problem with internet. My son received a message with the text “I want to share love with you” from that daughter. Well, neighbor-mom freaked out.
2) We also had a discussion about sharing passwords of online game accounts between friends. My son asked his friend, shall I give you the password from my account?

On issue 1, I had to calm down everybody and found out that “hyves” had a gadget bug that sends out wrong messages. On issue 2, I had to explain (very hard) that you never exchange passwords because the whole idea is that they remain a secret!
Well, how about the elementary school teaching kids, besides sexual Education, also internet education. There is a world out there young people are not aware of. Sharing information in an open environment can be very dangerous!

May be you think, well, nice Emiel! But was does this have to do with Business Intelligence. I was thinking: everybody is talking about extracting information and sharing it. Well Internet is about the same context: an open environment with a lot of information.

I think it can be very dangerous if we fill in all the need for information within a comparable, flexible, open shared environment. And all the BI ,ETL, SOA and EAI tools can make it happen. The internet brought us a lot of advantages, but has a down side too.

I see everybody talking about extracting, creating and sharing Business information. But nobody talks about the down side. I don’t know exactly how, what and when. But I am convinced this will become a problem in the near future. Like sharing information on the internet is.

Of course I understand BI is more regulated than the Internet is. But still … what will be the downside of sharing all that information? Should BI Education be a subject in the future, telling people about the side effect of BI?