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Emiel van Bockel is Manager Information Services at CB Logistiscs (The Netherlands). People call him a visionary and thought leader in both the data world and the world of process, which is quite unique. He received his Bachelor’s in Information Engineering and Master’s in Management & ICT. Since 1997, Emiel is responsible for many successful Business Intelligence projects.

He implemented one of the world’s first (2006) “Business Intelligence as a service system”, which received the Dutch Business Intelligence Public Award (2007). This award winning online business intelligence system is daily used by over 3000 users.

Emiel is a frequently asked speaker at business intelligence seminars. He was keynote speaker at the European TDWI seminar, one of the best speakers at the Garner BI Summit and best speaker at the Computable Business Intelligence seminar. Emiel is able to point out his very clear view on the intersection between the worlds of business intelligence, business process management and business architectur, on conceptual as wel practical level.

On occasion, he lectures at academies like the Business School of London, the Saxion University of applied sciences and the institute for Information Engineering. He is also the author of several articles like “The success behind Business Intelligence”, “Fusion in Progress” and “The i-Factor”. Together with Frank Buytendijk, Emiel wrote his latest a very innovative whitepaper “Business Elements: Getting more business out of your processes”.

Emiel is also chairman of the Dutch Oracle Business Intelligence Portal www.obiee.nl